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Finished Floor!

Finally I made the transitional pieces for the step in the photo of our Living/Dining space. House projects can go forever and frustrating at times, but the sense of accomplishment is priceless.

A little bit of wall decorating I did for our youngest’s bedroom.

Azuki Cookies

These are Red Bean Jam cookies. My sister discovered the recipe. It’s so good, I made them four times in two weeks. In case you don’t read Japanese, here’s the recipe: 1 stick of unsalted butter, 10g of sugar, 20g of condensed milk, 60g of red bean jam (or your … Continue reading

Sunset at San Jacinto Peak in Idyllwild

One of my teachers at Woodworking department in Palomar College sent me this photo. He took it on the way back from San Jacinto Peak. It’s so beautiful that I want to start training myself so I can hike up there one day and see this with my own eyes.

Pendant Light in Entrance

Installed the pendant light I made with Ash and Walnut. I’m not sure about the cheap gold canopy that came with the light fixture kit, but at least the hole on the ceiling is covered after three years.

New Scalloped-Edge Bowl

I’m working on more Scalloped-Edge bowls in a new wood combination and size. Above is a sample. It’s made of Walnut (bowl) and Maple (scallops). 8″ in diameter on the top. Oil finish to Satin sheen. I love how it turned out. I’m giving this one to my friend, but … Continue reading

Cabinets in Kitchen

My cabinet work in the kitchen. The upper cabinets are for dishes and the lower cabinets are used as pantry only until kitchen renovation. Hopefully then, we have a bigger pantry. The pantry that used to be here when we first bought this house was disgusting. Looking at the photos … Continue reading

Fake Beam

“Fake” in terms of beam. But real wood. And this is a quick one-day house project I did. This is how our kitchen looks from Dining Room now. The opening to the kitchen had no moldings, no details, just that narrow (not-so-today width) opening in the wall. So I added … Continue reading

Floating Shelves

Last year, my son asked me to make shelves to display his trophies, and I finally managed to make them for him. These are called “Blind Shelves” or “Floating Shelves”. I wanted simple shelves so the quality of wood stands out. My goal for his room is to include variety … Continue reading

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