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Rustic Walnut Bowl with Tiny Foot

Rustic Walnut Bowl with Tiny Foot is available in my etsy shop. The picture below was taken fresh off the lathe (and posted it in my Instagram account here). I enjoy witnessing what oil can do to wood.

Apricot Burl Bowl

Burl and all the bug holes! I was a bit scared, but had fun turning this bowl. This decorative bowl is available in my etsy shop!

Rough Turned Avocado Bowls

This batch of Avocado bowls are black! I’m trying something new this time; leaving natural edge on the side of the bowls. But what I picture them in my head only happens if they dry nicely. I’ll see. These colors of the shavings remind me of vegi chips.

Chainsaw Stand

Got tired of asking others for chainsaw, so I finally bought one and built this smart chainsaw stand. I used plywood instead of MDF and made it just a little bit wider. It cost me about $40, and it works beautifully.

Buckeye Bowl #2

I love how dramatic this bowl looks; the yellow part of grains looks almost like flames in night sky. It’s available at my etsy shop.

Apricot Bowl #2

This bowl is cut from the same Apricot tree stump I made Apricot Bowl #1 of. I’m sending this one to the family who gave me the tree so it’s not available for purchase, but I still wanted to record it so here are the photos.

Roughing Out Walnut Bowls

I’ve been a turning animal the past couple of weeks. That’s because I bought a bit too much wood and my garage shop is turning into a jungle of tree stumps. The bowls you see are all made of Walnut. They are still damp so I’m roughing them out. The … Continue reading

Apricot Bowl

4″ wide 3″ high bowl cut from a root stump of an Apricot tree. I was so excited to receive this tree stump, then I was saddened when I saw so many cracks. But it’s so beautiful that I am determined to spend time filling cracks with epoxy to save … Continue reading

Pendant Light in Entrance

Installed the pendant light I made with Ash and Walnut. I’m not sure about the cheap gold canopy that came with the light fixture kit, but at least the hole on the ceiling is covered after three years.

New Scalloped-Edge Bowl

I’m working on more Scalloped-Edge bowls in a new wood combination and size. Above is a sample. It’s made of Walnut (bowl) and Maple (scallops). 8″ in diameter on the top. Oil finish to Satin sheen. I love how it turned out. I’m giving this one to my friend, but … Continue reading

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