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My Son’s Built-In Closet

I’ve been working on a small builtin cabinets in my son’s room. This little space used to have builder-grade closet with mirror doors, which we didn’t like at all so we removed them as soon as we bought the house. Once doors for the space on top and toe kick … Continue reading

My Woodshop

I still have lots of things to make and upgrade in my garage wood shop, but it’s organized, easy to use, and happy to be in here now.

Handmade Holiday Wreath

Wreath with tiny trees I turned on lathe. Nothing fancy, but I like it. My youngest baked the cake with her dad’s help. She emphasized that she is not the one who helped, but daddy helped her. I liked how it was not too sweet.


Easy farmhouse-looking shelf I made in one afternoon with help of my son. I scored this African man made of Ebony at Narita Airport. And this is a camera my father used to use when he was young, and now it’s mine.

4-Year House Anniversary

It’s been four years since we bought this house and moved in. I still remember about those first days like yesterday. We fixed a lot of things in the house, and it’s amazing how we’re still not done fixing today 🙁 But I love this house more and more every … Continue reading

Roses 2015 Spring

Roses in front of our house have been so beautiful this year. I am excited to go outside every morning to see them. Handmade trellis was distracting so we ended up buying a metal trellis for Wild Fire roses. These are Black Magic roses. I cut one at a time … Continue reading


Found out the name of this orange roses. It’s “Wildfire”. While Wildfire seems to have reached its peak, the rose bush right next to it, “Black Magic”, is busy making buds. Two are already blooming! Checking these roses has become my morning routine this spring, and I’m loving it.

DIY Concrete Steps

I am very excited about finishing the concrete steps to the garden gate. And we probably won’t try to mess with concrete again. It’s the hardest thing. Hopefully ground-cover plants will cover the ugly edges of these steps by next Spring. …It looks like I did a little bit better … Continue reading

Vintage Kilim Rug as Tapestry

Hung this vintage kilim rug on the wall as a tapestry. Kanji calliography (by my mom) and Japanese art used to be on the wall above, now found home right next to the sconce light.

Finished Floor!

Finally I made the transitional pieces for the step in the photo of our Living/Dining space. House projects can go forever and frustrating at times, but the sense of accomplishment is priceless.

A little bit of wall decorating I did for our youngest’s bedroom.

Pendant Light in Entrance

Installed the pendant light I made with Ash and Walnut. I’m not sure about the cheap gold canopy that came with the light fixture kit, but at least the hole on the ceiling is covered after three years.

Cabinets in Kitchen

My cabinet work in the kitchen. The upper cabinets are for dishes and the lower cabinets are used as pantry only until kitchen renovation. Hopefully then, we have a bigger pantry. The pantry that used to be here when we first bought this house was disgusting. Looking at the photos … Continue reading

Fake Beam

“Fake” in terms of beam. But real wood. And this is a quick one-day house project I did. This is how our kitchen looks from Dining Room now. The opening to the kitchen had no moldings, no details, just that narrow (not-so-today width) opening in the wall. So I added … Continue reading

Floating Shelves

Last year, my son asked me to make shelves to display his trophies, and I finally managed to make them for him. These are called “Blind Shelves” or “Floating Shelves”. I wanted simple shelves so the quality of wood stands out. My goal for his room is to include variety … Continue reading