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Furniture – My Old School Project

by Motoko, March 13, 2016

One of my school projects from years ago.

It’s made of African Mahogany, but partially Honduras Mahogany because I ruined something and ran out of African Mahogany, which was no longer available at that time. I don’t remember exactly why I chose this wood because I don’t even like it.


However, it has been storing a lot of things for me so I cannot live without it: office supplies, Arts and Craft supplies, sewing materials and sewing machine, along with million other little things.


Although now I’m hesitant to show the details of this piece of furniture because of so many flaws, I was dead serious and I thought I was carefully making it back then. So for that reason AND the storage capacity, I love it and I will keep it as long as it keeps me happy 😉