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My Son’s Built-In Closet

I’ve been working on a small builtin cabinets in my son’s room. This little space used to have builder-grade closet with mirror doors, which we didn’t like at all so we removed them as soon as we bought the house. Once doors for the space on top and toe kick … Continue reading


My First Nantucket Basket

I’ve done some Pine Needle basket weaving before, but this is my first Nantucket basket. This kind of basket requires a mold, base, rim, etc., so I spent quite some time planning, making tools and supplies, but it was so worth it. The molds in picture above are the first … Continue reading


Maple Kitchen Utensil Stand

I turned a tall kitchen utensil stand for our kitchen. We’re building an addition to extend our kitchen and a full laundry room in a few months (Laundry is currently in a corner of garage). It’s been our dream to have this addition since we purchased this house five years … Continue reading



More mushrooms are available in my esty shop! Wooden Mushroom – Walnut and Orange Tree Wooden Mushroom – Walnut and Orange Tree


Maple Vase with Natural Edge

It’s an unfamilier shape to me, but I got inspired by the crazy bark this Maple has. Getting the right shape (at least to me) is so important, but it’s often difficult to see the shape side way! I don’t know how many times I bend my neck to check … Continue reading


My Woodshop

I still have lots of things to make and upgrade in my garage wood shop, but it’s organized, easy to use, and happy to be in here now.


Chestnut Chopstick Rests

I think Fall is more appropriate for Chestnut, but sometimes I just need to make what pops up in my head: Chestnut Chopstick rests! And they are available in my etsy shop. The purpose of chopstick rests is to avoid chopsticks from touching the table so every time you rest … Continue reading


Furniture – My Old School Project

One of my school projects from years ago. It’s made of African Mahogany, but partially Honduras Mahogany because I ruined something and ran out of African Mahogany, which was no longer available at that time. I don’t remember exactly why I chose this wood because I don’t even like it. … Continue reading


Kokeshi Doll

I made a Kokeshi doll for the first time. She is a bit chubbier than I pictured in my head, but still happy with her. Going through the scrap bins and selecting a perfect piece of wood, and imagining what this Kokeshi would look like was so exciting and fulfilling. … Continue reading


Welcome 2016

Happy new year, everyone! I climbed Mt. Woodson with my oldest daughter to see the first sunrise of the year! I really enjoyed it in spite of my lower body pain I’m having as I write this. My daughter almost didn’t have courage to jump to Potato Chip rock from … Continue reading


Black Walnut Bowls of Six

These bowls came out from a Black Walnut log I purchased last month. Large bowl with Natural Edge is listed here in my etsy shop. This one above is listed here in my etsy shop. And this large and thick bowl is listed here.


Renegade Craft Fair in DTLA

Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend in Downtown L.A. was a huge success for me. Thank you everyone who purchased items from me and also who stopped by my booth to say hi! I really enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone. Some customers from July stopped by and told me … Continue reading


Handmade Holiday Wreath

Wreath with tiny trees I turned on lathe. Nothing fancy, but I like it. My youngest baked the cake with her dad’s help. She emphasized that she is not the one who helped, but daddy helped her. I liked how it was not too sweet.


Turning Green Wood Bowl

I’ve turned green wood bowls before, but I had never tried with Walnut. The tree was cut down only about two weeks ago. Can you tell how fresh and wet it was from the picture above? This bowl is sold already, but more Black Walnut bowls to come soon!


Pot Watcher

I had been waiting for Black Friday this year because of this pot from Le Creuset. I was so thrilled to finally buy it! It’s beautiful with silver knob already, but I decided to go with gold knob, which I think will look gorgeous with wooden bowls on kitchen shelf. … Continue reading


Article for “Dopa!”

I wrote another article for a Japanese magazine, “Dopa!”. This time I visited and interviewed Bill, the owner of a unique garden center, City Farmers Nursery, in San Diego. He eventually wants to make this place not just a garden center, but also a destination. In my opinion, it’s already … Continue reading


Decorative Items: Mushrooms

Mushrooms are quick and fun to turn, especially with interesting figures… like the dark ones in the center of the photo. They are Liquid Amber. I’m bringing these mushrooms to Handmade: Maker’s Market @ The Ecology Center.


Handmade: Maker’s Market

Join me and 30+ makers The Ecology Center ‘s Handmade: Maker’s Market on November 14th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in celebration of well-crafted goods and the people who make them. I will be bringing bowls, bottle stoppers, decorative items, and etc.! The festival is free and open to … Continue reading



Easy farmhouse-looking shelf I made in one afternoon with help of my son. I scored this African man made of Ebony at Narita Airport. And this is a camera my father used to use when he was young, and now it’s mine.


4-Year House Anniversary

It’s been four years since we bought this house and moved in. I still remember about those first days like yesterday. We fixed a lot of things in the house, and it’s amazing how we’re still not done fixing today 🙁 But I love this house more and more every … Continue reading


Apricot Live-Edge Planter Stand

I turned legs and put them on the bottom of this pretty Apricot offcut to make this tiny desktop “Live-Edge table”. Perfect as a planter stand, but the burl surface is too pretty to cover up with a planter.


Wooden Pears!

I love wooden pears… These ones are made of Spalted Sycamore. Stems are Walnut and handcarved. I had these pears sitting in my shop for months, and finally managed to add the stems. They are available at my etsy shop. I have larger ones coming up soon too.


Jam Knives

My parents requested a jam knife to replace their old one made of bamboo. New ones are made of Birdseye Maple. I probably keep the other one for our kitchen. I traced the shape from the old one, but made the handle a little bit longer and also round instead … Continue reading


Japanese Magazine, “Dopa!”

Here’s another column I wrote for the Japanese magazine called “Dopa!” I mentioned about the first one here. For this one, I interviewed my favorite woodworker, Kylle Sebree.


Dust Brushes

These dust brushes made of Maple and natural hog bristles turned out pretty nice. Long one is listed here and short ones are here. I also made two standing dust brushes made of Walnut, but I sold them at the craft fair two weeks ago. I wish I had taken … Continue reading

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